News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As the two nuclear-powered despots get their photo-op in Singapore, there’s still news in New Jersey:

Another regressive tax. Sports betting comes to New Jersey as the Governor signs the bill. Any bets on what he picks as his first bet?

Big Brother is Watching: And he’s not the only one. Newark embraces the surveillance state.

Money can’t buy you love. But it can buy you votes. Outgoing Trump Toady Ryan dumps over $2 million in Leonard Lance’s campaign.

Diversity is a bunch of crap. Need a reason to support DINO Jeff Van Drew? Take a look at his opponent.

Not so good news this summer. The ten most contaminated beaches in New Jersey. But the good news is that if you smoke on the beach, you’ll pay a larger fine if Governor Murphy signs this bill.

Trenton mayoral candidates Paul Perez (L) and Reed Gusciora. Courtesy: Trentonian

Who will be the next mayor of our Capital City? Voters decide today.

Palisades Park: Long-time mayor loses his primary by 8 votes after his mother’s racist remarks.

Further integration of Dreamers into New Jersey’s economy. State Senator Nellie Pou introduces legislation to enable Dreamers to obtain professional occupational licenses.

One side effect of Trump: Rutgers’ CAWP is in the national spotlight.

How to fix the New Jersey Bidget: Op-Ed by a former budget director.

(Featured Photo: Debbie Walsh of Rutgers Center for American Women in Politics. credit:


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