News Roundup for Thursday, June 14, 2018


Andy Kim’s CD3 race is out with an internal poll that shows him behind incumbent Tom MacArthur by just 4 points

This is not how Democracy works. Guest post from Helen Duda on Atlantic County’s Democratic Party reorganization, and at NJ Revolution Radio, another take on the same

CD7: Student arrested in ‘die-in’ protest at Leonard Lance’s office

Alan Steinberg: Hugin, the John Connally of 2018, is the perfect foil for Menendez


MapLight suing New Jersey and Chris Christie for release of Jared Kushner correspondence

Where’s your Governor? Placing the first-ever NJ sports bet at Monmouth Park Raceway at 10:30am, then after that more gambling except they call it gaming, addressing the Annual East Coast Gaming Congress in A.C.


America’s biggest enemy according to Trump? The press.

You won’t have Sarah Huckabee Sanders to kick around anymore. Trump press secretary public liar Sanders & deputy Raj Shah reportedly heading for the exits. Though it’s hard to imagine Satan won’t reach through the floor and snatch her before then. She denies it all, natch.


Anti-Semite follies: The guy Chris Christie raised money for, back before even Republicans realized Christie is a schlub, has been retweeting a neo-Nazi who rants about Jews and the fall of western civilization. Rep. Steve King, you shnuk

Bernie Sanders was right, and Democrats are running on his message. But will the party listen? (Pat Garofalo guest op-ed at NBC News)

Nevada’s most famous pimp, Dennis Hof of Cathouse, wins GOP primary


No, Chris Christie, you can’t also still have the state chopper. Chris Christie is still using his official @GovChristie Twitter account, which the state doesn’t have access to. It’s undecided if Christie’s tweets, direct messages and Facebook posts should be considered government records because the state does not have a social media policy for government accounts and no policy on archiving social media material.

I need to see this, to remind me we still have a country. George Washington’s fragile personal Revolutionary War headquarters flag – which marked his presence on the battlefield during the Revolution – will be taken out of the archives and put on public view for 4 days starting today, to commemorate Flag Day. Here’s where you can see it.

Pride in Flemington / Proud of Flemington: Flemington quietly passed a resolution for Pride Month. And even on Facebook, where people bring their worst, most of my neighbors brought their best.

As NJ rents climb, finding an apartment becomes even tougher

Where can you get paid $466k a year to wash trucks? Special deals and union clout at NJ port

Is a natural gas power plant in the works for the Musconetcong River? It is one of the few in New Jersey classified as a Category One (C1) stream — the designation given to the most pristine waters in the state. What could possibly go wrong?

Every vote counts: A South Jersey progressive victory in Merchantville


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