News Roundup for Monday, June 25, 2018


Board of Frozen Cheeseholders: NJ one step closer to retiring ‘freeholder title

Murphy signs the child marriage ban Christie vetoed

Where’s your Governor? Talking seniors at AARP lobby day in Trenton, then straight to a presser on the budget with treasurer Liz Muoio at the NJ Dept. of State

Around New Jersey

In NJ, a crisis of legal help for unaccompanied minors split from their families at the border (with audio)

New Jersey responded quickly to the crisis of children separated from their parents at our southern border. What’s next? What should we be doing?

Real Housewives of Somewhere Else: Joe Giudice is being deported. RHONJ

How’s your mortgage? Rising seas will erode the Jersey shore real estate market (Ledger editorial)

South Jersey teacher files suit saying she shouldn’t be forced to ‘subsidize’ the NJEA, asking the court to turn this into a class action suit. She disapproves of the union’s political and ideological advocacy, and high salaries paid to union leaders.

Consult a map, people. Attempt reading comprehension. Trump supporters have been trashing the reputation of a Swedesboro, NJ restaurant that happens to have the same name as the Virginia restaurant that turned away Sarah Huckabee Sanders a few days ago. Angry calls. Negative reviews.

Embarrassing: Atlantic City’s new Hard Rock casino installs gigantic guitar with a misspelled word

The graying of New Jersey: How old is the median age in your county? 


Star-Ledger, will you be endorsing Andy Kim for Congress? Editorial today: Rep. MacArthur, consistent as always – to New Jersey’s detriment

Smart politician: Leonard Lance is lead Republican on a bi-partisan bill to force Trump to reunify families split apart by his immigration policies

Michael Bloomberg will spend $80 million on the Midterms. His goal: Flip the House for the Dems


Trump calls for deporting migrants ‘immediately’ without trial (hat/tip Frank Pallone)


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  1. Joe

    Regarding that teacher who wants to sue over union fees: quote – “Filed in U.S. District Court in Camden, Ann Smith claims her constitutional rights are being violated by forcing her to pay ‘representation fees’ as a condition of her employment as a public school teacher.” Anne Smith earns a salary of more than $82,000, thanks to her union. If she has tenure, a pension and health benefits, it’s thanks to the union. If the woman hates unions so much, why did she decide to work at a unionized public school; there are non-unionized charter schools, private schools and religious schools (with lower wages, fewer benefits and weaker worker protections). Her lawyer is from Texas; who is paying for the lawyer fees? I’ll bet she isn’t footing the bill for this whole phony baloney anti-union garbage. It’s all about destroying public sector unions, not justice, not free speech, not the Constitution and not helping the children. These anti-union operatives will not stop until they have destroyed all unions and turned America into a right to work (for less) nation. think Walmart employees.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      BRAVO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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