News Roundup for Friday, June 22, 2018

Photoshopped, obv.


Camden: The destruction of Camden’s public schools is intentional, targets Camden families intentionally, and involves the NJ legislature. Keith Eric Benson: Shame on Norcross Dems, Camden schools leader



Quote of the Day:  “I think if there were about two or three seasoned, mature women in that room, I know things would come out differently. … I’m only kidding. Those tall Irish guys did a really nice job.” – Loretta Weinberg, commenting on  budget negotiations (via Politico Playbook)


Coming in August: ‘White Civil Rights Rally’ across the street from the White House, 1 year after Charlottesville

Be suspicious (obv): Trump proposes merging Dept. of Education and Dept. of Labor

New York City hospitals have treated 12 immigrant kids taken from parents, including a suicidal child

Virginia governor orders probe of abuse claims by immigrant children: “Whenever they used to restrain me and put me in the chair, they would handcuff me,” said a Honduran immigrant who was sent to the facility when he was 15 years old. “They also put a bag over your head.”

Donald Trump threw Starburst candies at Angela Merkel, said ‘Don’t say I never give you anything.’


CD1: Don Norcross was blocked from visiting some of the immigrant children separated from their parents and being held in his district, in Camden. He was told he would have to wait two weeks.

CD2: Van Drew will oppose a Pelosi speakership and a renewed push for North Jersey casinos

Photo credits: Sweeney, Murphy ( Loretta Weinberg (Observer). Charlottesville white power asshole (Getty Images)

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