New Jersey Globe Source: Sweeney Working with Christie on Budget

Those of use who follow New Jersey education politics have long known that South Jersey Democrats had a tight relationship with Christie. So this morning’s scoop by David Wildstein in the New Jersey Globe came as no surpriseOf course Christie was working with Sweeney to fight Murphy’s budget. Here’s the scoop:

Chris Christie was working the phone from an Amtrak Acela train to Washington this afternoon, bashing Gov. Phil Murphy and saying that he’s helping Senate President Steve Sweeney with his messaging, according to a source who sat near the former governor and was able to hear his end of the conversation.

In South Jersey, we feel this everyday: a party that is skeptical of progressives with a surprising number of Republican instincts. From supporting an NRA-approved congressman, to Betsy DeVos-style education reform and from Christie-style corporate tax subsidies to hesitation about supporting sanctuary policies, South Jersey is on the wrong side of current progressive issues, and increasingly shameless about it.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    “Different day, same South Jersey.”
    – – – quoting a smart South Jersey friend of mine

  2. marshwren

    South Jersey: below the Mason-Dixon Line in more ways than one…

  3. NJBlech

    That photo is with a thousand words, maybe more. What were they all thinking? Here is what I think they were thinking.

    Dana Redd: “Not another shovel ceremony! When is my Rutgers/Rowan golden parachute going to be ready so I can stop kissing up to these four louts?”

    George. I am the boss! Why are Sweeney and Christie in front of me?!

    Christie: You mean all I have to do to get George to like me is to sign your legislation that favors trade unions and screws over public workers and public education? Where do I sign?!

    Sweeney: Yep, that is all you have to do.That and sell your soul to Satan.

    Don Norcross: How come I am the congressman, yet I am still taking orders from my big brother?


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