Good TMac, Bad TMac

We don’t relish saying the name of the GOP Congressman from North Jersey who is running for his third term “representing” the people of the South Jersey counties of Burlington and Ocean. So we call him TMac for short (no stature jokes intended).

But a friend of mine on Facebook pointed out that the TMac moniker is also applied to a Democratic politician who I have an affinity for and may be a contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – former DNC Chair and former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe and I both hail from the same area – Central New York – the area around Syracuse. The original TMac was a friend and campaign executive for Bill and Hillary Clinton, The First Couple frequently visited TMac’s home in nearby Skaneateles and were his guest at the annual New York State Fair held in Syracuse. The original TMac’s autobiography, published a decade ago, has references to Central New York hangouts that bring back some fond memories for me.

The TMac name, however, is currently best known for the Trump toady in Congress who consistently votes against the best interest of the people of New Jersey. So I’ll continue to refer to my congressman as TMac, but knowing that the T really stands for Trump. He’s truly Trump’s Mac.

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