From ACLU in Washington News Roundup for Monday, June 11, 2018

Short and late Roundup this morning, from D.C. where the first ACLU national conference in 10 years is my 18-hour day for 3 days this week. More on that later. Above, what a flag with 51 stars might look like if Washington D.C. actually gets statehood as last night’s speaker Eleanor Holmes Norton and every resident of this District is advocating. If things are as they should be, we’ll actually need a flag with 52 stars so Puerto Rice can be included. Maybe then our federal government will have cause to help them properly after a weather disaster at at least Texas levels. 


Diane Allen was a successful broadcast journalist before she was a politician, and now she’s starting a non-partisan PAC to help women get started in politics. Good luck on that new venture!

For the 4th time in 4 years, Loretta Weinberg is running the reform effort for Port Authority. And she believes she’s  drafted a bill that institutionalizes some critical components to the bistate agency: oversight, transparency, accountability, and power-sharing guarantees for both NJ and NY.

Make them show need or we’re just chumps all over again. PSE&G’s next big ask: $2.5B to upgrade electric & gas distribution networks

This is what Bernie Sanders has been talking about all along. From NJ Spotlight: The List: How much more do NJ CEO’s make than their employees? Hold onto your metaphoric hat: In 2017, the total compensation package for the CEO at the Children’s Place was 1,813 times more than the median wage for one of its workers


Bob Hennelly: Forget Huge Trump/GOP corporate tax cut. Want to really grow America? Forgive all college debt. 


Mendham Borough: He said he’d impeach Trump. And she’s married to a key Trump aide. Now they’re running against each other. Heh. The wife of President Trump’s chief re-election strategist is running against a losing Congressional candidate – Mark Washburne – who, on the same day, won the local Democratic primary for mayor without actually entering it.

A near-perfect photo of CD7 Dem nominee Tom Malinowski headlines a New Yorker piece: An Encouraging Week for Democrats and Trump Resisters

He’s baaaack (or is he?): Chris Daggett is leaving his job running the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and may be looking at a future in elective politics again.

At #ACLUcon18

Blue Jersey will be tweeting from ACLU’s national conference with the hashtag above, including this from last night (thanks for all the Likes and RT’s!):

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