Every Vote Counts: A South Jersey Progressive Victory in Merchantville

There’s been a fair bit of progressive angst in South Jersey after the primaries. Part of that is about the undemocratic ballot used in local elections, and how it makes it very difficult for newcomers to run for office. Part of it is that in NJ’s CD2, Democrats missed a rare opportunity to really move the needle on progressive values, and instead nominated an NRA-approved Democrat for whom state leadership had to delay gun votes to avoid more attention being paid to his record. And part of it is just the inevitable wear-and-tear of fighting Trump while being viewed suspiciously by local Dems. It all gets exhausting.

But that’s all the more reason to celebrate local progressive success! In Merchantville activist and South Jersey Women for Progressive Change member Maria “Nina” Scarpa won her primary election for City Council by just two votes. Here’s SJW4PC’s statement:

A huge congratulations to Maria "Nina" Scarpa, who won her primary election for Merchantville Council by two votes! Nina…

Posted by South Jersey Women for Progressive Change on Saturday, June 9, 2018

A pretty incredible reminder that every vote counts!

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