Congrats, Reed Gusciora #OntheGusBus

I was out of the state when our friend Reed Gusciora was elected mayor of Trenton, an historic win as the first openly gay state legislator in New Jersey becomes its capital city’s first gay mayor. W00t, Reed! But quite apart from the fact his win made gay news everywhere, is what we know of the man. Long as I’ve known him, off and on 13 years, he’s been a roll-up-your-sleeves, purposeful guy who doesn’t so much live and breathe his own status so much as he uses it to move policy forward for other people. I found this brief video from the last days of his campaign, and I take it as a hopeful sign when a politician gets the spotlight off himself and on the people he intends to represent. This is so like the guy. Wishing you the best, Reed.    #OntheGusBus

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