Andy Kim “welcomes” Paul Ryan to New Jersey

Yesterday, Lame Duck House Speaker Paul Ryan came to Mount Laurel to do a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for his BFAM, Congressman Tom MacArthur. Of course, the price reflects the target constituency – wealthy people with lots of disposable income. Mostly due to the Reverse Robin Hood tax plan foist upon this nation by those two men.

To celebrate the pending retirement of Ryan, and hopefully MacArthur, challenger Andy Kim held an alternative fundraiser in neighboring Moorestown. The suggested donation knocked three zeroes off of the Ryan event’s cost – ten dollars, but with no one turned away.

About 200 people attended the Kim event. For me, it was as if my Facebook page had come alive – meeting and speaking with like-minded ordinary folks from the District, many of whom have delved into the world of campaigning for the first time.

Kim spoke to the group about his life experiences as a public servant, his family, and did a good job of rallying the troops for the home stretch of his campaign. Here’s an edited summary of his remarks.

Featured photo above: Andy Kim introduces some of the key members of his campaign staff to the assembled volunteers.

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