All reporting on politics need not be dry and dull

Reporting on politics can sometimes seem dry, dull, too overly repetitive, too partisan, too complex, too didactic or too boring.  However occasionally there is a clever article with wit as well as useful information. Claude Brodesser-Akner of NJ Advance Media, produced just such an article this morning. 

He opens with “It’s a good thing the GOP candidate running to dethrone Democrat U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez is multimillionaire Celgene chairman Bob Hugin That means he can afford to buy a new pair of shoes. On Monday, Hugin’s current kicks — a pair of $495 black tasseled Allen Edmonds loafers he sported at the Ritz Diner in Livingston to talk about affordability with millennial voters — were clearly trashed.” To the left is advice from Joseph Abboud.

The reporter goes on to say “But is part of the wear and tear on his heels due to Hugin running away from Trump? Hugin was a Trump delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention who gave $100,000 to a super PAC backing Trump, another $5,200 directly to the Trump campaign and ran the New Jersey finance committee for Trump’s transition team. But these days, Trump’s unpopularity in New Jersey has the shoe on the other foot, with Hugin shrinking from the President.”

Extending the metaphor of the shoes makes the article both amusing and informative. If “the shoes make the man,” as the saying goes, and Hugin’s shoes are shredded,not polished, and too expensive for his audience he may be in trouble.

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