1 year ago today, Rep. Scalise shot, nearly killed. Yesterday, man indicted for threatening to kill Bernie Sanders & Kamala Harris

Scalise. Still NRA’s man.

Tonight 7:05pm at Nationals Stadium in D.C. is the Congressional Baseball Game, with New Jersey’s Rep. Bill Pascrell on the roster for the Dems. House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) will be playing for the Republicans; his first game back after nearly a dozen surgeries, repair of internal organs and installation of steel plates in his body. Scalise and 3 others were shot one year ago today by a gunman targeting Republicans, as they practiced on a field near a high school in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise had to relearn how to walk, and when he walks onto the field tonight, the roar of applause will be deafening.

And then I hope good-natured rivalry returns to normal and Pascrell’s Dems take the game.

Normalcy; not much seems normal right now. Fear of random shooting, which frankly kids in some neighborhoods have been living with for years, is ramped up. The statistical unlikeliness evaporated for me last month when my 11- & 14-year old cousins were in last month’s Indiana middle school shooting. The statistical unlikeliness evaporated long ago for people who have to fear Driving While Black – or doing almost anything that should be normal.

Bright spots: 6 new gun laws in Jersey, the emerging leadership of young people calling BS. But even getting shot up didn’t move Scalise off the wrong side; he’s still NRA’s man. So is “Democrat” Jeff Van Drew, and our party’s machinery is BS enough to buy him federal power.


Bernie & Kamala: And now we know that senators Sanders and Harris and participants of the March for Our Lives rally were the targets by Nicholas Bukoski, indicted by a D.C. grand jury yesterday. He’s charged with 2 counts of threatening to assault or murder members of Congress – same charge the Scalise shooter might have been charged with had he not been shot down by Capitol Police – and 3 counts of transmitting threats via interstate commerce.

Sanders and Harris are likely 2020 presidential contenders. Scalise is the #3 Republican in the House.  Jeff Van Drew will be elected. Nothing is normal.

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