Weekend News Roundup for May 19-20, 2018

Congratulations Meghan & Harry. You throw a swell party. Fun watching some of the blue-eyed Anglicans stuffing their feelings when the magnificent Bishop Michael Curry stepped up. Oh, yes. Appreciate all the anti-monarchists sleeping in; nothing wrong with that point-of-view (a lot right). For me, a 1-day reprieve from the weight of living in a country Donald Trump is running. I loved it, not gonna lie. Two anniversaries yesterday May 19th – Happy Birthday Sophie Charlotte, England’s first black queen, born May 19, 1744. And RIP Anne Boleyn, beheaded May 19, 1536. Meghan Markle, whose ancestor was (apparently) ordered beheaded by Henry VIII, just like Anne Boleyn, walked over Henry’s grave yesterday as she walked down the aisle. He’s buried in the floor at St. George’s Chapel. Can you dig the symmetry? I can dig it.



My admiration for Jimmy Carter continues. That is all.

On Showtime’s The Circus: Chris Christie compares Mueller investigation to Bridgegate probe

And – watch – on The CircusChristie says no evidence has been put forward that Mueller deserves an interview with the President

This Republican was the only New Jersey politico to back bill that would have cut NJ food stamps. Ah, our buddy. 



Planner to New York & New Jersey: Forget Trump, pay for Gateway yourselves

By Phyllis Salowe-Kaye of NJ Citizen Action: I’m a cancer survivor who depended on this program Murphy wants to eliminate

Murphy signs $15.6 million in raises for NJ judges & top officials, renews call for $15/hour minimum wage

Will Delaware beat NJ to the punch on sports betting?

Because it’s just as ugly as when Chris Christie did it. Here’s why critics are enraged about Murphy’s plan for the Exxon money

Phil Murphy signs law expanding public worker rights

Nice try. Yet another attempt to narrow NJ public records law gets smacked down in court

Phil Murphy plans t take $46M from affordable housing. Here’s why it’s happening. 


Cartoon & commentary from Drew Sheneman: If you had “called unauthorized immigrants animals” in this week’s racist presidential statement office pool, you win.



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