The School Shooting This Morning – That Was Our Cousin. And I Want Jeff Van Drew & DCCC to Read This.

ONE DAY AGO: A South Jersey friend of mine, who should know better, posted a comment under a video of Jeff Van Drew mouthing NRA talking points to a voter. My friend’s mocks us North Jersey people “so concerned” about “us poor rubes down here in good ol south jersey” because we couldn’t find Van Drew’s district on a map but are obsessing about keeping him out of Congress. The video was Jeff Van Drew talks guns, sees he’s being recorded, stops talking. Van Drew has a 100% Rating from the NRA, but that didn’t stop the DCCC from putting him on their priority Red to Blue List. DCCC doesn’t give a damn about school shooting; that much is clear.

Well, my friend, here’s why I make it my business to have an opinion, even in a congressional district I don’t live in: Because every one of those pro-gun assholes, yeah I said it, that we send to Congress makes it more likely that some person – or some kid – that I care about will get shot – in their school, in their neighborhood, when we have responsibility to keep them safe.

THE SCHOOL SHOOTING THIS MORNING: Sitting around the breakfast table with our niece, we absently mentioned yet another school shooting, a kid and a teacher sent to the hospital. I didn’t even pay attention to where. It’s every few days now.

SHOTS FIRED: But the school is the Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana. And the kid sent to the hospital is our cousin. When I put it together an hour later, we nearly ran off the road. When the shooting started, Jackson ran into a classroom and barricaded the door; his brother Ian ran out of the school and hid in a golf course. Their mother is Alexa, Moms Demand Action’s Legislative Lead in Indiana. Jessica is Jackson & Ian’s sister. I’m posting her Facebook status exactly as she wrote it. Zero apologies for the language. This is Jessica:

Tell me again why we don’t need new laws on gun control. This is Ian and Jackson’s school. Both of my brothers are safe – Ian ran from the school and Jackson was taken to the hospital (possibly broke his foot when he ran). I can’t stand these irresponsible gun owners any longer. Lock your fucking gun up properly and don’t give me that bull shit “No one knows where it is,” or “My child knows better than to touch my gun,” because guess what? You’re fucking wrong. 


News coverage: CNN: Suspect in custody after shots fired at Indiana middle school
Photo above: ABC News this morning, Noblesville West Middle School

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  1. deciminyan

    Last night, I attended a meeting of a local branch of Students Demand Action. Kids from several schools around Burlington County told their stories about how they prepare for these NRA-sponsored shootings and to me, it was a wake-up call.

    THere is an undercurrent of a siege mentality in our schools, which can’t be good for adolescents who, even in the best of times, are under a tremendous amount of academic and emotional pressure. The lockdown rules seem to be good, but probably ineffective if a determined student-shooter (who knows all the rules) attacks.

    It is clear to me that the problem is not just the fact that there are too many guns, but the single-mindedness of the ammosexuals toward preserving their unfettered access to weapons.

    I don’t hold out any hope that we will see any change in the short term. But the passion and rationality of these students give me some hope that by the time my grandkids reach high school, they won’t have to go through these traumatic and easily avoidable drills.

    1. Rosi Efthim

      Our Indiana cousins, who were in the school shooting this morning, are 11 and 14 years old. And they now have sounds, sights, and feelings registered in their brains that I have never had. They heard shots, and scrambled. Cops know these sounds, soldiers in battle. Grown people. And now our family’s sweet boys.

      I wish I could take that back from them, from Parkland, Santa Fe HS, Columbine, Sandy Hook Elementary, and countless neighborhoods and homes where children know those sounds.

  2. Sue Altman

    Thank you. All of NJ should be ashamed of what happens in South Jersey. Our Democracy is broken down here; and all of the state is complicit in it. It is MOST CERTAINLY all of NJ’s business who represents this state in our congressional delegation.


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