News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Starbuck’s is closed this afternoon in an attempt to train their employees on racial bias. Yesterday, the President tweeted about himself for the solemn day of remembrance, while Governor Murphy acknowledged the mourning families for the sacrifices if their loved ones.

Bennys go Home. Now that the Shore season is underway, not everyone is happy.

Hiring summer help at the shore. More difficult for several reasons.

Parking on the Sand. Good idea? Or just a moneymaker for cash-strapped beach towns?

Despite the oil leaks from cars on the beach, it’s time to ditch other pollutants and eyesores and keep the beaches clean.

Another sure sign of summer. They’re back!

On the Governor’s Desk: Transgender rights bills. Similar ones were vetoed by Chris Christie.

Trump’s quest to profit from killing the Jersey tourism industry is being stalled.

Lots of Yankee fans in NJ. I’m not one of them. But today, they get my admiration.

Support for Israel becomes politicized. MacArthur’s simplistic approach (and AIPAC endorsement)  vs Kim’s experience as a diplomat in the Middle East (and J Street endorsement).pp

Woman Against the Machine. Over the weekend, underdog congressional candidate Tanzie Youngblood, whose son is serving in the military today, excoriated the undemocratic South Jersey Democratic cartel. Youngblood will appear on MSNBC tonight at 9:00 PM.

State House Renovation. On track for completion in the middle of Trump’s second term.

Looking out for New Jersey’s taxpayers. Attorney General Grewal will go to court to fight part of Trump’s reverse Robin Hood tax approach.

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