News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, May 3, 2018

Students from TCNJ work on a mural project by an East Trenton community garden.


New Jersey becomes 10th state in the nation to pass Earned Sick Days. Now people who work won’t have to choose between going to work sick – and maybe making you sick too – or losing a day’s pay, or losing their job altogether. 

‘Caged’: How 28 inmates tales of prison and poverty became New Jersey’s must-see play. If you go.


May he raise stronger girls than himself. Jay Webber, demanding big apologies Mikie Sherrill, because he doesn’t know the difference between mentioning and attacking (or that Nellie Pou and Mikie Sherrill aren’t the same person).


“Things.” After Ronny Jackson withdraws his nomination to be Veterans Affairs secretary, in part from whistleblowers released by Sen. Jon Tester’s office, Trump rather bizarrely calls for Tester to resign. Why? Because Trump knows “things” about him, which Trump says could end Tester’s career. Does he say what? Nope. Lapdogging on cue, Senate Republicans do an ad amplifying Trump.

Mueller raised possibility of a presidential subpoena in meeting with Trump legal team



The antithesis of Trump. The two black men arrested for no good reason at Starbucks Philly settle for $1 each, and a huge benefit for high school students

Do these charter schools humiliate their boys? Or is it just the girls? Charter school rules face menstruating students to bleed through pants. And Jersey Jazzman has more.


Poll: Booker 4th in New Hampshire primary poll
Butwho was first?


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