News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, May 10, 2018


Rep. Tom MacArthur loses it on the House floor: Shouting match over House chaplain that looked like it would come to blows. Watch.

Bob Menendez is one of 7 leading Democrats now expressing outrage over Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, but opposed the deal when Obama made it. Here’s where Cory Booker weighs in.

Going to have to wait to see if additional polls confirm, but CNN poll shows Dems’ generic ballot advantage shrunk down to the margin of error

Democrats gain voters – a lot of voters – in all but 1 NJ House districtdo you live in that one?

Morris Dems demand audit of county clerk election practices after a Superior Court Judge ruled that she circulated an illegal memorandum and failed to understand state election laws

#MAGA: Monmouth national poll on America’s current financial situation: 24% struggling, 51% stable, 23% improving. Low-income Dems far more likely than low-income Republicans to say they’re struggling. Jonathan D. Salant has a story about the bad news in this poll for Republicans

Do Republicans even have anybody who can speak credibly on gun violence? CD11 Dem, former federal prosecutor & Navy pilot Mikie Sherrill was scheduled to talk with Montclair HS students about fun violence, but that was canceled after a letter from the local Republicans

CD7 Republican Leonard Lance has known he was targeted since Nov. 8, 2016. And he’s better at protecting himself than most of NJ’s Republicans. Sometimes that means good news for constituents.


Remember that run-down Camden house where Martin Luther King lived as a seminary student? A $229k grant to restore it was diverted instead to the Fire Department. But the city is silent on why.

An “adult district” for legalized weedCan marijuana set Atlantic City on fire again? 

Piscataway gun, ammunition ordinance would ban sales in sensitive areas

New Yorker cartoon by Pia Guerra





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