News Roundup for Thursday, May 31, 2018

Just climbing back into New Jersey news after a long, unexpected weekend of hospital adventures. So, if I missed anything we should all be reading, you know what to do – Rosi



Activists urges senators Booker and Menendez to speak out on potential Israeli war crimes in the Gaza killings

Roseanne blames Ambien for the racist tweet that got her show canceled. Sanofi, with HQ in Bridgewater, says Racism is not a side effect of our drug

“Welcome to Starbucks, you fucking bourgeois pig.” The Onion reminds us maybe an afternoon of retraining can’t change colonial coffee culture. Hat/tip Charlie Stile

There’s something seriously wrong in this subset of male culture. Do read this. And avoid, avoid. The Rage of the Incels (New Yorker)


Where’s your Governor? Back on the radio at 2 pm for Ask Gov. Murphy on New Jersey 101.5, after abruptly canceling last week

Phil Murphy signs law protecting Obamacare from Trump with NJ mandate to have health insurance

Murphy blocks DuPont bill that would have allowed a large chemical facility to take in toxic wastewater, treat it and discharge it into the Delaware River

Someday: Murphy signs bill requiring BPU to accept application from Fishermen’s Energy; 3rd time project will come before state agency

Legal weed in NJ could be doomed for now by risky move in Trenton

Stile: No plan for property tax relief is a big gamble for Phil Murphy

Could accelerated drop in revenue lead to reinstating the NJ estate tax? Analysts say NJ’s estate & inheritance tax collections down more than $100M compared to original forecasts

What could possibly go wrong? The Legislature’s Democratic leadership is already resisting Murphy’s agenda. Now the “outside group” New Direction New Jersey will follow through on pro-Murphy ads designed to win voters to his side despite warnings from leadership not to pressure them


Harvard says the Puerto Rico death toll is 73x what the federal government says. But that’s not about Roseanne, so why should Trump mention it? That leaves New Jersey Democrats picking up his slack.

Oyster Creek nuke: NJ’s oldest nuclear plant is closing after almost 50 years, with the first large group of workers set to leave

Bloomfield: $550k for armed guards at elementary schools? Parents say no way

Police release body-cam footage of that violent arrest in Wildwood of a 20-year-old woman police punched in the head 

Newark’s first locally-picked schools leader in 22 years: NJ Spotlight’s Q & A with Roger León

You obey Boss Norcross or he gonna get you. The New Jersey political world yesterday spun on its axis over the dissolution of the powerful Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters by the larger brotherhood, a move widely interpreted as the bouncing of John Ballantyne, the union’s executive secretary-treasurer, amid Democratic Party infighting and what one source cryptically described as “philosophical differences.” Meaning, ““He didn’t do everything they wanted,” a source told InsiderNJ, referring to Ballantyne. “They couldn’t keep him in their back pocket.”


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  1. Anthony

    Norcross is a serious problem and South Jersey has had enough
    He is a corrupt criminal who should have been indicted decades ago. His brother congressman Donald Norcross has been abusing power and obstructing justice to protect his brother and cover up these massive criminal acts of organized crimes. Norcross has used his federal judge Jerome Simandle to Violate civil rights cases and Extort CASH from plaintiffs and their attorneys who file complaints against local Mayors and elected officials who committed serious crimes and are protected by George Norcross. Norcross is a serious criminal and he must be stopped. Many lives have wrongfully been destroyed

    The NJ Governors created this Political Moster Machine by turning a blind eye to South Jerseys massive corruption, election fraud, failure to investigate these corrupt local town council and Theo corrrjot mayors who pass budgets with reviewing them. Pay to okay campaign fiinance and healthcare with George Norcross company that is a no bid contract. These governors allowed Norcross to funnel trillions of dollars to buy media sites to harass cyber stalk and attack those who Norcross seeks to punish and ruin politically with manufacture stories. Norcross has troll farms in Russia, Nigeria, China and various UK and home grown Trolls. Norcross uses Comcast and his cyber security company delta risk llc to to create hidden back links and hired trolls to hack into private and personal sites. He uses police, courts, judges and the legal system to violate the color of law and enter into state offices outside of district to make false arrest than have his news sites he’s invested heavily into GANNETT; and Patch
    to headline his manufactured and orchestrated arrest stories. The Feds need to investigate the money between Norcross and Gannett;; Patch; Facebook; google plus; twitter and other pornographic and Lewd sites

    Norcross; his brother Donald Norcross and daughter Lexie Norcross are GUILTY of Organized Crimes. Norcross has used the press to destroy those he seeks to seriously harm and destroy the quality of human life What Norcross does is misuse the press as hide behind an outdated freedom of speech that needs to be amended because of how media is report news and lawsuits online. Norcross has used the press to violate privacy rights. The nj governors should have Indicted the Norcross family. They are EVIL Norcross gets off from destroying people

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      “Criminal” and responsible for “organized crimes” is farther than I would go in describing George Norcross. For me, bottom line is that too much of New Jersey’s policies have been determined by a man nobody elected to anything. He controls a wide swath of the NJ Legislature, including in leadership, and for 8 years essentially blended the Democratic Party into the Republican Party, as his assets worked alongside Chris Christie.

      That’s too little transparency, and too much unearned power. And no, I am not cool with his controlling yet another member of NJ’s congressional delegation.


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