News Roundup for Thursday May 24, 2018

Above, jellyfish at Camden’s Adventure Aquarium

Jared Kushner’s Harvard classmates think he’s a boob.

We’re going to force you to be “patriotic”.  What NFL’s new rules, requiring players to stand during the national anthem or wait in the locker room, mean for the First Amendment. 


“The next 50 years are not going to look like the last 50 years. We need new leadership and it starts at the top.” Mikie Sherrill says she won’t support Nancy Pelosi as speaker


How em-bare-assing. “I’m a major figure in Spring Lake Heights.” Councilman Robert Merriken, once arrested on charges of hiring a prostitute in a cemetery is facing expulsion from the Borough Council after his colleagues censured him over a more recent arrest.

This is how Piscataway Democrats fight a groundswell challengerwith dumbcluck, photoshopped, fake news ads. Grow up.

“We cannot repay this loan.” A Lakewood school board member has resigned his post in an apparent protest of the state’s decision to offer the struggling school district a $28 million loan instead of repayment-free grant


Murphy said he’d stop the bear hunt. Why some think he won’t.

Where’s your Governor? On your radio tonight – Ask the Governor, 8pm –  on WBGO, WNYC and WHYY

Phil Murphy signs the nuclear bailout bill. It’s going to cost you.

New Jersey may launch lawsuit against NFL, MLB and other leagues that fought sports betting

New Jersey lawmakers advance bill capping sick leave payouts

NJ move to save your property tax break could be killed by Trump administration

How is NJ’s public worker pension fund doing? Here’s the latest.

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