News Roundup for Monday, May 14, 2018

Should I call the cops on these black people? A flowchart for white people. Hat/tip Marilyn Davis from Instagram. Anybody got the full chart? 


If all New Jersey’s heroin addicts lived in a single town, population would be 128,000 – it would be the 4th largest city in the Garden State. We just had a Governor trying to repair his disgraced reputation by addressing a growing opioid crisis. But is there equal access to help? No. Part 1 of Bill’s next series, NJ’s Opioid Crisis.

New Jersey & legal weed: Coming sooner than you think. The convos at NJ Spotlight’s roundtable Friday. 

Public employees guilty of sexual assault, harassment would lose pensions under a bill inspired by #MeToo

Where’s your Governor? No public events.


Non-secret ballots so everybody in the room knows who’s crossing the chair. Hand votes. Buying off county committees. County chairs simply deciding for the elected party committee themselves. Our ossified system of awarding local party favor – the county “line” – leads to limited choices and great concentration of power among party bosses. How it works, and what impact it’s having on NJ local congressional races. 

CD2: Jeff Van Drew’s internal poll has him leading Hirsh Singh by 18 points

Does he even know anymore when he’s stepped in it? Trump may have just boosted Menendez re-election prospects speech drug prices

At FiveThirtyEight: Why Obama vs. Trump is such a blowout. But Clinton doesn’t fare as well.


Caught in Trump immigration squeeze, NJ family in Orange has Mother’s Day without Mom.

Wifi? Street repairs? Parks? Cities let residents choose how to spend their tax dollars.Participatory Budgeting. Freehold just did some.

The epitome of home rule! The smallest town in New Jersey is … 3 houses

Local teachers union leaders resign, NJEA to face lawmakers over Project Veritas secretly-recorded videos in hearings requested by Steve Sweeney

Polish-Americans rally against plan to move WWII monument commemorating the Katyn Forest Massacre

Newark by the Numbers: How Ras Baraka won

New Jersey 4th graders’ efforts to get the endangered bog turtle officially named New Jersey State Reptile, gets air support from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ twitter account.


After a 2-bit huckster posing as the President of the United States flipped the bird at the international community on the Iran nuclear deal, a Real President spoke out. Here is Barack Obama’s statement about Trump’s action.

The greatest threat to democracy isn’t communism, jihadism, or any other external force or foreign power,” Michael Bloomberg said in a commencement speech at Rice University. “It’s our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party, and in pursuit of power.” Yeah, I can think of a few people that applies to, on both sides of the aisle.


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