News Roundup for Friday, May 25, 2018

Short roundup today. 

Good morning, Blue Jersey. Don’t Ask the Governor. Gov. Phil Murphy abruptly cancels his call-in show on public radio a half-hour before it was to begin. WNYC & Murphy’s press team have entirely different accounts of the reason for this, and what was agreed on, but the optics are not good for the Governor (though they’re pretty great for Politico reporter Linh Tat).

Chris Christie, who spent almost $1 million to keep public records from being seen by the public, is blocking requests for copies of his office’s correspondence with the real estate company previously managed by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law.

#MeToo: Harvey Weinstein has just been arrested for rape

New Jersey’s busiest marijuana dispensary is now the biggest on the East Coast

Yanny vs. Laurel: The Atlantic City man at the center of it

Taking a peek at New Jersey’s $300 million State House renovationwith NJTV video

Delaware Democrat says Trump Junior may have lied to Senate Committee about his knowledge of foreign assistance offered to the Trump campaign

A Democratic senator said Thursday he’s concerned that President Donald Trump’s eldest son may have lied to Congress about his knowledge of foreign assistance offered to the Trump campaign.

Hudson. The Would-be Son (and Daughter) of Frank Hague.


FDU poll shows Bob Menendez and Frank Hugin essentially tied; Menendez at 28% over Hugin at 24% but 46% undecided

CD11: Tamara Harris says her race, against DCCC-hot-listed Mikie Sherrill, is ‘neck and neck’




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