Michael Avenatti: The Fluffer

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In these crazy times, at least we have an adult actress’s lawyer standing guard to protect us all. The latest character in the nearly four-year-old Trump reality TV show is attorney Michael Avenatti. He and his client with scandalous but credible allegations, Stephanie Clifford (whose nom de guerre, Stormy Daniels, is perhaps TOO spot on) have taken the media—well—by storm.

We’ve waited in vain since Johnny Cochran for an attorney like Avenatti to rise from the L.A. streets. Understand, he’s no hero. Yet. But he sure is something. But, what? Faux News has been doing a deep dive on his funding source. (Spoiler alert! It’s right here). And the media, both Trumpist and traditional, have been compelled to ask: What exactly is Avenatti’s role here? What’s the point to all this litigation? Who is Michael Avenatti in this? Stormy, whose career in the adult industry goes back two decades, would have recognized Avenatti’s role square away. He’s the fluffer.

The movie industry was invented in New Jersey by Thomas Edison. Early movie studios sprung up in New Jersey and remained there until Los Angeles beckoned with better light and more reliable shooting schedules. Adult images are nearly as old as time. Inevitably people became bored with their static images of people in dilicte flagrante, and the adult film industry sprang up in the less swanky valleys around L.A.

The fluffer is the second oldest job in the industry. Before technology (in this case Viagra) eliminated these good-paying American jobs, the adult film industry employed people known as “fluffers.” Fluffers helped facilitate (not quite in the Michael Cohen way) interactions when the actors were having physical difficulties “depicting” their characters. Michael Avenatti is a public-interest fluffer.

Trump. who changed his story on Stormy after his lawyer rudy Giuliani squealed that he reimbursed Michael Cohen’s $130k hush money to her

Avenatti is propping up the public narrative in the Trump corruption case in a way that the media can’t. He is using the structures of zealous client advocacy to make real allegations, with real evidence, on behalf of someone with an actual justiciable claim. And, he’s changed the debate from expert hypotheticals to concrete declaratory statements. He has given corporeal form to issues that have resided largely in the shadowy world of Mueller’s investigation, which is obscured by DOJ rules and Mueller’s own laconic nature.

Joe Ezsterhas once wrote that the Clinton years were “The Porno Presidency.” But, Avenatti and Stormy are the Adult Actors, in this drama, taking Trump’s Barely Legal presidency to task. Stormy was the original attention grabber, but Avenatti has the rugged good looks and piercing blue eyes to get on the cable news shows every night.

In his role as advocate for a professional exhibitionist, Avenatti is now exposing to the world the m.o. that New Jerseyans have long been familiar with. Trump fleeced Atlantic City. For years, he appeared regularly on the front and gossip pages of New York’s Post and Daily News. We know him. Now the world is learning.

And Michael Avenatti is making us all perk up.


Photo credits: Michael Avenetti (featured photo): MSNBC. Avenatti & Daniels: from his Twitter. Trump & Stormy: Wall Street Journal

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  1. John Valentine

    This is a clever and excellent piece.Blue Jersey always has the best articles.

    1. Rosi Efthim

      All thanks to Wikipedia Brown! I love this post, too.


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