Jeff Van Drew talks guns, sees he’s being recorded, stops talking

Here’s CD2 Democratic candidate Jeff Van Drew talking guns to a voter after the Northfield Democratic Club Candidate forum on February 21, 2018.  This was just one week after the Parkland school shooting. and just one day after DCCC put him on their Red to Blue national priority list. Our thanks to Stacey Duda & her smartphone. Seems he’s been asked if he’d support a federal assault weapons ban ** if elected to Congress. His answer? NRA’s boy in Trenton is ready with standard talking points and misdirection. Watch him ramp up the common occurrence she’s asking about – a weapon designed to do huge damage within seconds to anybody its pointed at, like mass shooters actually use it for – to a ridiculous and improbable scenario: so what about a bomb? or a crazy person in a car? You know, to the stuff that doesn’t happen much. What does happen? School shootings. And as I write this, the 3rd school shooting in 8 days is going on right now at Santa Fe High School in Texas, 22nd school shooting this year – 8 dead so far today, hot situation on the ground, details still shaking out. So here’s Van Drew, who has a 100% Rating from the NRA, talking guns to a voter. He clams up fast when he realizes Stacey’s recording him. (Have a hard time hearing it? Cathy O’Brien transcribed it below).

This conversation occurs one day after DCCC named Van Drew to their national-priority Red to Blue list; the Party establishment making a  questionable choice to signal Democratic big donors he’s their primary choice in NJ-02. Not that Van Drew needs big donors; he’s already one of the assets of South Jersey Democratic boss George Norcross, who – you guessed it – bankrolls DCCC bigly ,and they are obsequious with him for that. So does DCCC care that Van Drew has a 100% NRA rating or a long history of backwards votes in the NJ Legislature? Nah, they’ll do whatever the big money says. “Steamrolled” again by the “progressive” Democratic establishment. You’re not surprised. But such is the ossified wing of the Party, that their influence may even spoil newer, promising, issues-focused advocacy. Like Moms Demand Action, which awarded NRA 100-percenter Van Drew their “Gun Sense” distinction. Parkland student leader David Hogg, 18, sees Van Drew gets it.

Cathy O’Brien took the time to transcribe Van Drew. Thanks Cathy!













**clarification: This event and Van Drew’s conversation was one week after the Parkland school shooting. Like most other mass shootings, the killer’s gun of choice was an AR-15, not technically an assault weapon. No, it’s worse. 

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    This is far less interesting than the simple fact that a single conservative establishment Democrat cannot be defeated by three seemingly progressive insurgents unless some of these seemingly progressive insurgents aren’t truly progressive insurgents. Nate Kleiman is the only one of Van Drew’s opponents who was involved in the Bernie campaign. One of them used to work for Cory Booker, who is most certainly not a progressive nor an insurgent.

    1. Helen Duda

      Tanzie Youngblood got on the campaign trail long before any of the Johnny Come latelies that waited until 23 + years incumbent (R) Lobiondo called it quits! Tanzie Youngblood has the most name recognition! Farmer Nate said he got in the race to bring attention to it, since it wasn’t getting enough attention? Nate simply got in in the 11th hour to bring attention to himself. Tanzie Youngblood was on the cover of the Avenger’s Time magazine, has been interviewed for articles in Politico, Newsweek, Insider NJ, and has a number of high profile endorsements, such as the Congressional Black Caucus! Vote for Tanzie Youngblood JUNE 5th! She will be a voice for the people, NOT the NRA!


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