Blue Jersey Reader Poll: Should parents pull kids out of school till we have better gun laws?

Parents should pull their children out of school – en masse and all over the country – until gun laws are changed and schools are safer. That’s what former Education Secretary Arne Duncan says, echoing the call from an Obama-era colleague. This was Friday when the tragedy of Santa Fe High School in Texas (10 dead) was compounded just hours later by a graduation day shooting in Georgia (1 dead, 1 injured).

I appreciate Duncan’s sense of emergency. But let’s deal with just New Jersey: In this state, we have (2017 figures): 2,516 schools, with 1.3 million school kids in public school (plus about 4,600 in charters). And 2,005 of those schools are elementary schools. Assume most/all those kids need some kind of supervision during the day. Are their parents at work? We’ve got 115,351 full-time classroom teachers, and all those administrators and other staff. The logistics of shaking that many school kids out of their required education, and unmooring all those teachers from their classrooms? Staggering. But maybe right. Blue Jerseyans, what do you think? Is Arne Duncan onto something? (Choose up to 4 answers).

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  1. Linda Salcfas

    Bring in Stationed National Guard, paid for by the State. No guns of any kind to be sold anywhere. End of Story

  2. Marie Corfield

    It would be a logistical nightmare. However, if parents, students and school employees worked together on it, I think it could be pretty powerful. Personally, I don’t want any more guns in schools—even if they’re carried by law enforcement.

  3. Joe

    Sorry, but Arne Duncan is anti-public schools, public school teachers and their unions. He has spent his whole career pushing charter schools and school privatization; he encouraged punishing teachers, firing teachers and closing down public schools based on high stakes standardized test scores. Race To the Top was even worse than NCLB.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Well, I agree on all that. But what do you think of his idea?

      Personally, I think it’s brilliant but completely impractical. And impractical trumps brilliant.

      1. Joe

        Pulling the kids out of the school until gun laws are changed and schools are made safer? That will take many years, especially given the power of the NRA, GOP and the current Trump mis-administration. Maybe a ONE DAY demonstration by the parents but it would be better for the parents to demonstrate on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday so as not to disrupt the school day any more than it is by over testing, shooter drills and fire drills. Though we do need fire drills and now, in today’s reality, shooter drills. Who knows, maybe Duncan’s idea is a stealth plan to totally destroy public schools forever. There are better actions to be taken than taking the kids out of school.


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