Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for April 7-8, 2018

Nina Turner of Our Revolution on the Rutgers campus Saturday. Photo: Matt Skeete


This writer of fake news lives in rural Maine, is lefty, protective of Malia Obama, and doing it all on purpose (Boston Globe)

Hello, Republican states. Kentucky & Oklahoma teachers rally as rebellion grows (AP)

No elves, no coal: The teeny tiny doors in the U.S. Capitol – what the hell? (Undercover Capitol at Roll Call)

Farmers are angry: The escalating trade wars with China could be particularly devastating to rural economies (New York Times)

Calls Trump a “salesman”: Chris Christie says Trump should not talk to Mueller, out of fear he’d commit perjury 

Women file to run for U.S. House seats in record numbers

Around New Jersey

“In order to understand the state of the Union, we need to understand the state of the streets.” Our Revolution’s Nina Turner on the Rutgers campus

New research from Rutgers University: Study finds state aid weighted against South Jersey’s poorest cities

Art, Punk Rock, and a New Governor Reinvigorate Trenton (New York Times)

Town Hall for Our Lives events continue the gun reform conversation in several NJ congressional districts Also – Here are the districts where your members of Congress didn’t show up to organized events.. And here are photos from one of the districts where the GOP incumbent didn’t show but the candidates to replace him did

50 years after MLK was gunned down, we still haven’t solved gun violence (Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, guest op-ed)

The number of union workers in NJ – and every other state – ranked


The currently angelic Jim McGreevey

Tom Moran calls Jim McGreevey the best-ever NJ ex-Gov, in the tradition of Jimmy Carterbut Phil Murphy doesn’t seem to be his ally in the good work McGreevey’s devoted his life to now

NJ inmates may soon be eligible for state education aid

 Murphy issues order to let you know where NJ’s guns come from (and ‘shame’ other states)

Hats off to Sen. Bob Gordon Star-Ledger editorial

Longest-serving freeholder in NJ, Ocean County Republican John C. Bartlett, says there’s nothing racist or sexist about the title ‘freeholder’ and he’ll fight a bill by Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-Morris) that would give counties the option of changing the name of their governing bodies from boards of chosen freeholders to “the inclusive title of” boards of commissioners


CD2: Tanzie Youngblood opens campaign office in Pleasantville

CD3: Pro-Trump congressman Tom MacArthur is loaded with $10M – in federal funds owed to constituents – to crash through the blue wave against Trump

Now for the really important information

How climate change could affect your favorite New Jersey beer


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