Weekend News Roundup for April 28-29, 2018

At White House Correspondents Dinner, a fat joke on Christie and the camera catches him slurping ice cream theatrically

Interest piles up on that still-owed 40 acres & a mule. UN panel says the U.S. owes reparations to African-Americans. Why? Well, it’s owed.


Trump skipped #Nerdprom for the 2nd year, missing comedian Michelle Wolf roasting … everybody Here’s Wolf burning Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 4 feet from Sanders and how Sanders reacted. Poor Sean Spicer was beside himself. funny that Trump was in contact with Russia when the Hillary campaign wasn’t even in contact with Michigan


Hey, Moms Demand Action, THIS is how you talk about Jeff Van Drew, you don’t reward him as your “Gun Sense candidate”. How does 18-year-old David Hogg – tweeting about Van Drew’s gun record, with thousands of responses – get it right an you get it so wrong?

CD7: Yah, but “civility” is an unacceptable substitute for a good voting record in Congress. Leonard Lance strives for civility amid the Trump tweetstorm


Where is Chris Christie’s cellphone? Why didn’t Fishman’s investigators find it? Mike Kelly, at the appeals trial for Chris Christie’s guilty Bridgegate underlings, has some damn good questions.

Dude. Seriously. Chris Christie coulda told you you can’t win. GOP Chair Doug Steinhardt embarrasses himself disparaging Loretta Weinberg. Phyllis Salowe-Kaye & Nancy Erika Smith set him right.

Ex-Gov Chris Christie, who was always this close to George Norcross, partied with him, both his brothers, and the entire South Jersey Democratic axis )(plus Assemblyman Raj Mukherji ) Friday night, at the Cooper ‘Red Hot’ Gala




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