Thursday in CD7: Medicare for All town hall with Peter Jacob

I live in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district, repped now by Leonard Lance. Peter Jacob isn’t my candidate for Congress this time around, in part because his campaign has financial viability issues,and quite frankly a member of my household is running a competing, well-resourced campaign of a very good guy, Goutam Jois. But Peter’s a great guy, smart and decent in the way we wish most politicians were, and I agree with him on many issues. One of them is Medicare for All (which Goutam also supports). Peter’s hosting a town hall Thursday night I want to flag for New Jerseyans in Lance’s district. Lance presides over a demographically shifting congressional district, one of only 24 nationwide that went GOP for the congressional seat but voted Hillary for president in 2016. He knows it. He knows he’s DCCC-targeted since last year. Knows Cook Political Report shifted CD7 from Lean R to Toss Up. And unlike Rodney Frelinghuysen, he makes himself available to detractors and supporters alike, and though his votes over the last year look like he’s coming around on healthcare accessibility, his history is more than 60 votes to defund or dismantle the ACA.

I think it’s great that Peter’s doing this town hall. Here are the details if you’d like to attend:

Medicare for All Town Hall
Hosted by: Peter Jacob
When: Thursday April 19 (7-8:30pm)
Where: Clarence Dillon Public Library (2336 Lamington Rd., Bedminster)
More info, speakers & RSVP: here

Peter on Twitter: @PeterJacobNJ

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  1. bbb

    he lost last time…..he doesn’t have any lines so he should figure he will get trounced….he should quit the race and back Tom M.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      He has every right to stay in the race, bbb. The county committees are older, whiter, and in many cases more conservative than Democrats in the districts. In many cases, particularly this year, the county chairs’ processes for selecting who gets the line were less than democratic, and under the best of circumstances the decision to give that line is vested in party insiders. That is the process and the chairs tried to run the process – in this and other districts – early, a dubious choice which makes the wishes of party loyalists mire important than party voters. But that process is still not in place of the primary vote; it merely signifies the local parties’ wish.

      If you don’t want to go to the event, don’t. If you support universal healthcare, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be happy that *any* advocate is educating people about it.


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