Parkland student David Hogg tweets about Jeff Van Drew

Gun control advocate and Parkland student David Hogg is tweeting about Jeff Van Drew tonight.

Van Drew didn’t even get into the race until Frank LoBiondo announced he was out. But he is the treasured product of the Democratic machine run by  George Norcross, so the party infrastructure lined right up forVan Drew, who’s spent a lifetime of voting down what most Dems are for. That barely matters to the Party, because Norcross has spoken – all the way up to the DCCC. When they put Van Drew on their favored candidates list, Red to Blue, that made national news. Why? Two reasons: (1) They skipped right over the talented black woman already in the race, Tanzie Youngblood, right after black women saved the Dems’ bacon in Alabama and (2) Van Drew has a 100% Rating from the NRA, and DCCC rewarded him just 7 days after the Parkland shooting, as the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took point on the entire gun debate in this country. The week David Hogg was in New Jersey talking guns with Sen. Menendez.

Moms Demand Action, which says they have an “Action Plan to Kick Out Lawmakers Beholden to the Gun Lobby”  (but apparently wants to help some of them to Congress instead) caused confusion last week when they decided NRA guy Van Drew is one of their “Gun Sense” candidates. I hope they’re watching Twitter tonight. Please RT this, and share to Facebook. Get the word out, click here. This is what better leadership on guns looks like:

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  1. Matt

    Hi, this was a very interesting article, I was just curious were the 100% rating came from as I couldn’t seem to find anything online. Not to say that it is wrong but I would love to see a list of all NJ Legislators.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Hi, Matt – here is a link at with Jeff Van Drew’s 100% NRA rating along with other NJ legislators:


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