NJ Communities United Demands “Real Local Control” in Newark

The fight for local control in Newark has been long and hard. You’d forgive public education advocates if they took a deep breath. But local control is not an end state, and its advocates know that the school board is just the latest site of the struggle.

Here’s NJ Communities United continuing the struggle (text of the full chant, including demands such as a moratorium on charter schools, below):

BREAKING: NJCU’s Student Organizing Committee just took over a school board candidate forum put together by the Newark Trust for Education. WATCH, LIKE, SHARE the voices of our youth fighting to take back control over our schools and our communities! I amIbrahim Aziri.I ama Newark Public School student.I am here withNJ Communities United.I representThe Student Organizing Committee.We are hereTo make our voices heard,To protest,To expose,The lack of controlOur communities haveOver education.Even thoughWe fought and wonFull Local Control,We still face:Lead in our water,Overcrowded classes,Rotting Lunch,Laid off teachers,School buildings closed.We demandREAL local control,So that we can:Move on to collegeSecure good jobs,Rebuild Our City.We demandREAL local controlIncludes the following:Community OversightIn the Transition.Ending One Newark NOW.An audit of the district.TransparencyAnd AccountabilityFor charter schools.A moratoriumOn new charter schools.We, the communityMust make the decisionsThat decide our future.Not non-profitsNot charter schoolsNot Wall StreetParents Students Teachers Unite!Same Struggle, same fight!

Posted by NJ Communities United on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I am
Ibrahim Aziri.
I am
a Newark Public School student.
I am here with
NJ Communities United.
I represent
The Student Organizing Committee.
We are here
To make our voices heard,
To protest,
To expose,
The lack of control
Our communities have
Over education.
Even though
We fought and won
Full Local Control,
We still face:
Lead in our water,
Overcrowded classes,
Rotting Lunch,
Laid off teachers,
School buildings closed.
We demand
REAL local control,
So that we can:
Move on to college
Secure good jobs,
Rebuild Our City.
We demand
REAL local control
Includes the following:
Community Oversight
In the Transition.
Ending One Newark NOW.
An audit of the district.
And Accountability
For charter schools.
A moratorium
On new charter schools.
We, the community
Must make the decisions
That decide our future.
Not non-profits
Not charter schools
Not Wall Street
Parents Students Teachers Unite!
Same Struggle, same fight!

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