News Roundup & Open Thread: Wednesday, April 4

Happy hump day, Blue Jersey fam! Here’s what you need to know today. But first, a few national items that greatly affect New Jersey

Why Teachers’ Strikes Are Becoming a Nationwide Movement

To me, the biggest story of the day is not just New Jersey but how teachers here and around the country are finally joining the labor movement. If this is to be a national movement, it is so, so time for it.

Media Hive Mind Talks About Fake News as News Anchors Recite Sinclair Propaganda

And it’s even more horrifying in unison.

It Is Time to Repeal the Second Amendment?

Without federal constitutional protection, states would be free to decide for themselves what restrictions, if any, to place on gun ownership. Less populated states would be free to have liberal gun ownership, including the right to carry. More populated states would be free to create more rigid restrictions on gun ownership and even ban guns completely.

Ok, Now Back to New Jersey. Why Is Sweeney Blocking Murphy’s Agenda?

Politico is right that the relationship between Gov. Murphy and Senate President Sweeney has been the dominant storyline of Murphy’s nascent governorship. But Politico is wrong that Sweeney is a “fellow Democrat.”

Murphy Details Plans for $100 Million Opioid Fight

Gov. Phil Murphy has announced a $100 million plan to fight the ongoing opioid epidemic, including $56 million for prevention, treatment and recovery programs, $31 million to address social risk factors, such as unemployment and homelessness, and $13 million on improving record keeping and gathering data to help in the fight against addiction.

Biden Endorses Mikie Sherrill in CD11

Vice President Joe Biden announced his endorsement of U.S. Navy veteran and former federal prosecutor Mikie Sherrill for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.

Shocker: Most New Jerseyans Are Unhappy with Trump

A majority of New Jerseyans don’t like President Trump or his positions on guns and immigration, according to a new poll. Not surprising, really. I mean, Trump really sucks, after all.

The State Is Killing Cute Foxes

Beloved barrier island foxes have mysteriously been going missing for years. Turns out, the state is killing them to protect the eggs of endangered birds.

Newark to Offer Advanced Wi-Fi Services

Newark will become just the third city in the world to launch Link, a new communications network of sidewalk kiosks that will provide residents and visitors to Newark with a number of free Wi-Fi services.

Who Needs a House Out in Hackensack? Kushner, Apparently

The Kushner Company said it closed on Prospect Place, a 360-unit multi-family rental property in Hackensack. Also, check out the list of recent acquisitions. Maybe you live there? Maybe you want to move?

Have a great day!

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