News Roundup & Open Thread—Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Good morning, Blue Jersey fam! Today’s a pretty good day in the Garden State.

New Jersey Now Has the Strongest Pay Equity Law in the Country

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a sweeping pay equity bill on Tuesday that advocates called the nation’s toughest law against workplace discrimination. “For those who thought they could get away with paying a woman less just because they could, today is your wake-up call,” Gov. Murphy said.

But New Jerseyans Are Still Queasy About the Economy

“The feeling of a hangover from the Great Recession appears to linger among New Jersey residents.”

And If You’re a Black Woman, Your Health Remains at a Greater Risk Than Others.

Black mothers die of issues related to pregnancy or birth at more than three and a half times the rate of white women in New Jersey.

Oh My God! New Jersey Ruling Could Reignite Battle Over Church-State Separation

We reported this in yesterday’s roundup, but a unanimous decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court found that public money could no longer be used by churches is being reported in the New York Times. The decision could reverberate beyond New Jersey and reignite a national debate over the separation of church and state.

In Case You Were Wondering, Don’t Drive While High

State law enforcement officials are training more officers to recognize signs of drugged driving and preparing for other major changes as New Jersey moves toward legalizing marijuana, the state’s attorney general said Tuesday.

Strange Bedpersons?

Rep. Frank Pallone is set to appear on Capitol Hill Tuesday with Kourtney Kardashian to push for cosmetics reform.

Murphy Plans To Lead Democrats’ Fight For Gop-Held House Seats In New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy says he can help Democrats take back the House this fall and is ready to personally intervene in competitive races in his state — even ones where his liberal politics might not fit the districts.

That’s Not a Thousand Specks of Dirt on Your Clothes. It’s Ticks.

New Jersey has an unwanted new resident that appears to be making its stay permanent.

What Would ‘Full Funding’ Of School Aid Look Like? Add $2.3B To Districts

Even if the state were to meet its full obligations under SFRA, 70 percent of all districts would stil be underfunded by more than $2.2 billion.

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