News Roundup & Open Thread, Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Good morning, Blue Jersey fam! Here’s your Wednesday roundup. Enjoy it now with your coffee and cocaine-infused Little Debbie Swiss Roll.

The Stupid Murphy vs. Sweeney Feud Over DOE Nominee

Senate President Steve Sweeney held up the appointment of Lamont Repollet, Gov. Murphy’s nominee for New Jersey education commissioner, because Repollet said it might take six to eight months to remedy issues with the formula the state uses to disburse school aid. Murphy responded that Repollet is an African-American who holds a doctorate and deserves to be confirmed. Sweeney then responded by saying Murphy “sounded like Donald Trump.”

And now they seem to have overcome this pointless feud.

Speaking of Trump

Murphy expects a huge surge in new voters after signing a law he says Trump will hate: automatic voter registration for people who get a driver’s license or non-driver ID card.

And It Can’t Come To Soon Because People Aren’t Voting

Voters in 13 New Jersey towns went to the polls Tuesday to cast votes for their local boards of education, but according to preliminary results, voter turnout was pretty damn dismal. Unacceptable, voters! You can’t win if you don’t vote.

Maybe Because Voters Are Totally Jaded

Here are 11 big things about N.J. taxes that might really tick you off.

You Know What Else Pisses You Off?

New Jersey could lose $631 million in federal transit funds if it misses next year’s deadline.

And Now Menendez Wants to Block Trump’s FTA Nominee

…over her discrepancies in her answers about the Gateway Tunnel project.

GTFO of NJ Paul Ryan, Please.

The lame duck Speaker of the House’s super political action committee, the Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved $1.4 million in television advertising time this fall to support Rep. Tom MacArthur.

We’re Number 46!

A new study found that New Jersey isn’t doing so well compared to other states when it comes to economic outlook.

What’s That Up in the Sky?

In classic Weird NJ fashion, we look at what exactly was that in the night sky over Wall Township on St. Patrick’s Day.

Surprise! Ending Cash Bail Last Year Has Helped Created a Fairer Judicial System.

To no one’s surprise, changes to to the bail system meant more defendants accused of low-risk crimes no longer have to sit in jail. Fairness prevails, after all.


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