News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, May 1, 2018

(Featured Image: Atlantic City from the air this past Sunday)

Helen Duda

Helen Duda is a South Jersey activist and has been a key volunteer on Tanzie Youngblood’s congressional campaign. When Moms Demand Action issued their “endorsement-but-not-endorsement” for NRA A-rated Senator Jeff Van Drew, Helen did some digging and talks about it in her interview with NJ Revolution Radio.

One small step for gun safety. Assemblymen Freiman and Zwicker introduce a bill to raise the age for possession of a rifle or shotgun.

Lights, Camera, Action! Tax incentives for New Jersey-based filmmakers are back. But cinema icon Meryl Streep will skip her induction into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

GOP to New Jersey: Drop Dead! Republicans in Congress work toward pulling funding for the Gateway tunnel.

Middle-Class tax hikes in New Jersey? Governor Murphy says no.

[The Christie Administration] “ripped the progressive soul out (of the state)” and [moved] it three standard deviations to the right“. That’s how the current governor assesses his predecessor.

Christie’s Bridgegate adventure has cost us $15 million. So far.

Housing for elder LGBTQ New Jerseyans. Kevin Riordan writes about the issues and concerns.

Catching up from eight years of environmental neglect. The BPU starts the process for facilitating offshore wind power.

It’s not just Amazon. Governor Murphy’s plan to revitalize New Jersey’s once-thriving technology industry.

Camden Catholic High School coach fireds. He alleges that the school feels there are too many black players on the football team. (Photo, right: Camden Catholic HS Football players rally in support of their coach.)

What are they hiding? NJ Transit won’t reveal the condition of their bridges.

How did New Jersey get to be a state of 565 municipalities? Some early history.

Watch this amazing video of the Coast Guard rescuing a sick passenger from a cruise ship off the Jersey Shore.


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