News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fair School Funding Advocates speak in Trenton (featured photo above). Educators, parents, and others rally prior to Acting Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet’s testimony.

PARCC is not gone. In his testimony before the Assembly Education Committee, Repollet says the controversial standardized testing regimen is here to stay – at least for another year.

Preserve Historic ChurchesJust don’t use tax dollars (Trenton Times Editorial)

Optimism is based on the actions of our younger generations. Trenton students press their mayoral candidates for answers.

Dr Moishe Starkman

Is Trump toxic in NJ? Will fealty to 45 hurt Leonard Lance in what was once a safe district for him?

Trump’s New Doctor? Meet the Bordentown doc who lost his license for overprescribing opioids. ►

Profiles in Lame Duck Courage. Departing GOP Congressman Frank LoBiondo calls for Scott Pruitt to resign.

Mass Transit: Governor Murphy starts to address years of neglect.

Doubling its Population: double the population of a Pinelands townState Department of Environmental Protection blocks a proposal (for now) that would .

More woes at the Port Authority. Democratic commissioner resigns for “disturbing” conduct.

Jared’s Reverse Midas Touch. There’s trouble in Jersey City.

South Jersey Muslims unite to form a community.(Riordan)

Guns in Schools: Cherry Hill arms its school officers.

Murphy should fix the nuclear subsidy bill: Press of Atlantic City editorial calls for reducing the subsidy to dirty nukes in New Jersey.

Should they or shouldn’t they? Will the best team in football visit the worst president in history?

Got Goat? If you live in Middle Township, you better have five acres of land.

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