News Roundup & Open Thread – Taxday, April 17, 2018

Whether or not you filed your Federal Income tax already or are waiting until tonight’s midnight deadline, be aware that you are subsidizing moocher states.

Seven people are running for mayor in our capital city in the May election. Who has raised the most money?

What a difference a new governor makes! New Jersey joins 16 other states and DC in suing the Trump administration’s plan to deport young people who only know America as their home.

What a difference a new governor makes! Public employees’ union negotiates pay raises after being denigrated and treated unfairly by the Christie administration.

What a difference a new governor makes! Governor Murphy axes Christie Crony Chiesa who was garnering $400/hour in managing the state takeover of impoverished Atlantic City.

What a difference a new governor makes! Governor Murphy is close to reversing a Christie decision that has hurt urban areas.

You can’t win ’em all (unfortunately) Newark schools, while being returned to local control, portrays an illusion of democracy (Bob Braun)

Kind of a hyperlocal thing, but George Norcross will get his traffic light. I used to work at this location, and there is another light just down the road, making this traffic congestion enabler totally unnecessary.

Nuclear power is neither cheap nor clean, as Ocean County residents are finding out. Tons of radioactive waste will be stored on site after the plant is closed this year.

Politico reports every NJ congressman could lose in November. Consolation for Republicans is that CD-2 would have a DINO.

With the GOP working to make medical care more expensive and less available, will New Jersey join other states by resurrecting the individual mandate?

Voting Rights. Getting more citizens involved in elections is a good thing. Assemblyman Zwicker’s bill for automatic registration goes to the governor.

Surgery on the Cheap. Are New Jersey’s standalone surgery centers safe?

Happy Birthday, Adele Springsteen!

Understatement of the Day (from Crooked Media).

Before becoming Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke invited birthers on his radio show and questioned Obama’s college records. It’s almost as if the rot in the Republican party was there before Trump came along.

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