News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, April 5 2018

Headline of the Day and what I most wanted / didn’t want to read:

Keeping track

House &  U.S. Senate are out of session, back on 4/10 – which probably means you might see them back here shaking babies and kissing hands.
Where’s your Gov? At 10:30am, at a Roundtable with students, announcing year-one details of his Tuition-Free Community College Plan

Hello, Kevin Riordan

Two Blue Jerseyans took issue with Kevin Riordan’s Inky column complaining about the tax impact of Phil Murphy’s budget. Brian K Everett takes issue with his newspaper idol; Murphy’s progressive leap forward matters more to him than the sting to his wallet. And Stephen Danley craves a more thoughtful discussion on taxes, based on research and evidence over Econ 101 bromides.



Gov. Murphy was met with an angry crowd at last night’s town hall in Willingboro with complaints over how school funding is distributed

Making sure Murphy administration prioritizes environmental justice: Activists argue poor communities of color have been adversely affected by pollution in all its forms for far too long

We oughta be in pictures. A tax credit program for the film industry – killed by Christie when he didn’t like how the state was portrayed in Jersey Shore –  may be restored. Senators Weinberg and Sarlo, both from Bergen, are out front in the effort, with Weinberg working with the Fort Lee Film Commission in her district to promote it.   But – Did you know the movies were born in Fort Lee?

Around New Jersey

Or order things from Amazon.  Newark will be the 4th city in the world — and the first in New Jersey — to provide high-speed wifi “Link” kiosks that will allow pedestrians to charge their phones, make a call or download music and movies, free of charge.

Denver wishes. Will legal weed make Asbury Park the next Denver? 

New funds for NJ groups to combat threats to Delaware River Basin’s water quality

The good news is the buffet’s now 4 cents, the bad news is we’ve utterly destroyed that place for most of the people who live there. 2017 Atlantic City visitation lowest since 1982


New Yorker cartoon above by Jason Chatfield & Scott Dooley

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