News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, April 27, 2018

Trump White House

Oh good lord. Did you think it wasn’t possible for Trump’s corrupt, chaotic, bullshit-centered White House to get any worse? Well, of course it can. Politico reports  on how Chris Christie is using his new ABC News gig to defend Trump, and we know Trump likes that. Could Christie be the next White House chief of staff? Attorney General? Meanwhile, Wildstein reports that Christie’s campaigning for John Kelly’s COS job is actually irritating the White House, and that nobody really wants ‘Loud Mouth Chris’ in the West Wing.

BRAVO. Watch: Frank Pallone tells Trump EPA head Scott Pruitt he is ‘unfit to hold public office’. Pallone: “Every indication is you really should resign.”


Menendez “ everely” admonished by the Senate Ethics Committee for his dealings with friend & donor Salomon Melgen, Panel finds Menendez “knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from Dr. Melgen” failed to get Committee approval or publicly disclose all the goodies that came his way via Melgen, while he was doing Melgen’s bidding. It’s bad. Menendez has to reimburse for some pretty big things – it will cost him – and his opponent now has something to run on, and unlimited money to spend on it.. But the Senator’s been under an ethical cloud now for a long time and survived it, including in court. Still, the cautionary tale … the last NJ senator who ran afoul of Senate ethics? Bob Torricelli.

A.J. Arnold

Around New Jersey

The student coordinator & official voice of the South Jersey March for Our Lives was a recently outed transgender man. He knows people who are perceived as different may be particularly targeted and brought that awareness to the movement against gun violence. Blue Jersey has video of A.J. Arnold, now a Rutgers-Camden student,  here and here, noting “our future is in good hands.”

#MeToo #Me Too: North Plainfield Councilwoman Keiona Miller dives into the casual way sexual harassment is practiced in the workplace and why so many women remain silent – – and what municipalities can do about it.

Exercising While Black (and a member): Black men kicked out of Secaucus L.A. Fitness say experience was ‘humiliating’

Newark ‘Virtual Police’ initiative will allow residents to view police cameras

1 in 34: Federal autism rates show New Jersey’s already high autism rates on the rise

As if Bridgegate wasn’t 5 minutes ago (actually it was 5 years): Port Authority goes to great lengths to distance itself from Caren Turner

The answer is NO, we still need a paper audit: New Jersey’s voting machines – Is safe enough good enough?

Cherry Hill schools arming campus officers at high schools


Sweeney speaks: NJ Spotlight’s interview with Senate Prez Steve Sweeney, including blocking the millionaires tax, raising corporate taxes

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