New Jersey Democrats offer 3 free candidate trainings

My own opinion is that the best training of candidates comes from organizations fueled by, funded by, and taught by those with strong, clear, progressive values – like those offered by Democracy for America, PCCC & Our Revolution (hosted by former New Jerseyan and NJDSC Communications Director Adam Green), or Camp Wellstone. These trainings produce candidates ready to become progressive champions for their communities, their states and their country. I’ve been in these trainings, and the common purpose in the room can be thrilling and meaningful. I’m less certain what the values are as reflected in the Democratic Party as it stands now – national, New Jersey, and in many of our counties. This seems to be a party struggling to find its way, and to be about something beyond the influence of wealthy people, of winning at any cost, and of uninspiring incrementalism. That said, the Democratic Party as I see it – national, New Jersey, and in many of our counties – has many people in it who bring considerable skills to doing right by the people the represent, and fixing what’s not right in the party whose letter follows their name. Some days that’s the only thing that keeps me tethered as a Democrat.

I’m a big believer in campaign training, and while I hope that progressive candidates seek out the leap ahead that groups like those above can provide, taking advantage of training resources from multiple sources can boost the confidence and skill set of any good candidate. The New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) is offering training this spring, and they’re making it easy to participate – it’s free, and their are locations in south, north, and central.

Candidate Trainings
NJDSC will host a series of day-long candidate trainings throughout the state. Participants will learn to:

  • Develop and implement field strategies.
  • Fundraise and adhere to compliance regulations.
  • Lead through stressful and high-stakes situations.
  • Effectively communicate campaign messages.
  • Work with Democratic allies and vendors.
  • Engage volunteers and supporters to achieve campaign goals.
  • If you are interested in attending one of these candidate trainings, click here to RSVP!

Each training will last from 10:00AM – 5:00PM. The dates and locations are as follows:
May 12th – Bergen County Democratic Committee HQ
May 19th – Middlesex County College
June 9th – Camden County Democratic Committee HQ

NJDSC is also offering this, for those interested:

Building Our Future
Building Our Future is a five-week course open to anyone who is interested in a career in politics. All who complete the training will receive a certification as well as assistance finding a job on a campaign. BOF will meet once a week, on Saturdays, during the months of June and July (exact dates to be released).  BOF Syllabus:

  • Field- Organizing volunteers to work on a campaign; using a hard ask to get what you need from your volunteers; VAN training.
  • Fundraising- Creating a strong fundraising network; building a prospective universe for fundraising; NGP training.
  • Communications- Writing a press release; crafting a message for a campaign; developing relationships with the media.
  • Social Media/Digital- Building a digital presence; understanding best practices for social media; better targeting your audience via social media.
  • Candidate Management- Dealing with a principal; being a body man for a candidate; keeping everyone focused on the campaign’s goals.
  • Applications are open now, please click here to apply!

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