Midterm Elections: “Money … Money”

“Money makes the world go around
A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound
Is all that makes the world go around
That clinking, clanking sound…
Can make the world go ’round.”  

Cabaret: Money … Money  

As we approach the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 5, below is the financial data submitted by candidates to the Federal Election Commission on the five Republican seats under challenge and the CD 5 Democratic seat which the Republicans are trying hard to regain.  The financial data is presented in this order:   TOTAL RECEIPTS        TOTAL  EXPENSES        CASH ON HAND                           


CD 02   Open seat left by Frank LoBiondo (R)                                                                                           

CD 03 Tom MacArthur (R) (incumbent)

MACARTHUR, THOMAS REPUBLICAN PARTY $1,779,628.30 $698,593.96 $1,088,365.16 Coverage ending: 03/31/2018 

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KIM, ANDY DEMOCRATIC PARTY $1,129,279.32 $314,424.39 $814,854.93 Coverage ending: 03/31/2018 

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KEADY, JIM DEMOCRATIC PARTY $229,405.96 $191,923.70 $38,621.29 Coverage ending: 03/31/2018 

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HARTMAN, KATHERINE DEMOCRATIC PARTY $54,180.28 $28,100.07 $26,080.21 Coverage ending: 12/31/2017 

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CD 04 Chris Smith (R) incumbent        

CD 5 Josh Gottheimer (D) incumbent

CD 7 Leonard Lance (R) Incumbent                                                                                                         

CD 11 Open seat left by Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)


For more financial details on each candidate, click on the candidate’s name.  Go here to access the same data for the other NJ House candidates.

April 21: Commencement of Mailing of Mail-In Ballots for Primary Election

May 15: Voter Registration Deadline

May 30: Mailing of Sample Ballots for Primary Election

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  1. deciminyan

    Money is not an issue for Tom MacArthur, the wealthiest member of the New Jersey delegation. In 2014, he wrote a personal check to his campaign for $5 million, drowning out his opponent’s $1.7 million in a district where ads need to be run in the largest and 4th largest media markets (NYC and Philly). No doubt, that MacArthur would gladly write a similar check this year if he can’t cajole enough cash from his supporters.

    The silver lining is that at least in the Burlington County part of the District, it has been shown that money is generally not as important as perceived. The Democratic Freeholders are generally outspent by a 7 to 1 ratio in favor of their opponents, yet they both won last year. What’s important here is the ground game. I’m optimistic that with the addition of a veteran New Jersey field director, the Kim campaign is on the right track. His fundraising has been good, with contributions from all 50 states, and his contacts with the Obama Alumni Association can only help. That’s not to say that money is not an issue, and people can give to Andy’s quest via Act Blue.


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