Midterm Elections: “Money … Money”: Part II.i Hugin emerges with a bang

As we pointed out in April 18’s Part II of “Money … Money,” Republican candidate Bob Hugin’s March-ending financial report due on April 15 was still not available. Well, by April 21 the FEC published his financials. He comes out with a bang and as something of a showoff.

Through March 31 Incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez reported $5.3 million Cash on Hand. Hugin reported $6,770,266.00 Cash on Hand.

In this 2017-2018 election cycle Menendez has spent $802,055.00 on his campaign. Hugin in a very short period has already spent more: $1,082,408.00.

While Menendez’s report included $3.4 million in individual contributions, Hugin reported only $352,670.00. 

Hard to miss in his report was:

Loans made by candidate $7,500,000.00

So  while Hugin is upping the ante and putting his money where his mouth is, his mouth and messaging still have have a steep hill to climb. He could decide at some point it’s not worth the effort and take back some of his self-loan or plow even more of his dollars into the endeavor. Also more funding for both candidates is forthcoming from their individual parties, plus, corporations, special-interest groups and Independent Expenditure PACS. The mad race for more money continues.

SOURCES: Hugin FEC report  and Menendez FEC report.

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    I wonder if anyone on Hugin’s campaign has considered asking his individual donors to donate to Lisa McCormick’s campaign as well. With $350K in the bank, Jim Devine could be a serious pain in Menendez’s butt.


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