Earth Day 2018 News Roundup for April 22, 2018

Earth Day

Jeff Tittel: Earth Day started as political movement to save the planet from men like Trump

Attention, New Jersey: You’re treating our rivers like ‘garbage cans.’ Stop.

Mangroves in India, glaciers in Greenland: NASA images from space show climate change impact (Photos)

National Geographic: How the environment has changed since the first Earth Day

Remembering the excitement of plotting to do the right things: Scott Pruitt is Destroying Earth Day (Tomasky)

Around New Jersey

Photo: Michael Dempsey/The Jersey Journal

Rucha Kaur: I’m a Sikh, a Jerseyan, and a target of bias. Let’s get to know each other

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi’s failure to understand election law, instead simply following the instructions of a former Morris Republican chair on county committee petitions, is now a campaign issue. Democratic clerk candidate Shala Gagliardi, like Grossi an attorney, says nearly 1,000 candidates for party office filed deficient petitions because Grossi gave illegal instructions to municipal clerks and candidates. A judge has ruled Grossi incorrectly instructed municipal clerks on a statute that determines how a candidate gets on the ballot, but allowed county committee candidates to stay on the ballot. Gagliardi and Morris Democratic Chair Chip Robinson are calling on the freeholders to conduct an independent audit of Grossi’s office to determine whether state election laws are being followed.






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