Donald Trump & his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. What a drag.

Trump greets Giuliani at his Bedminster golf club days after his election. 

Rudy Giuliani, who once upon a time as a federal prosecutor used to be on the law & order side, is Donald Trump’s new personal lawyer. The job nobody else wants. Giuliani joined Trump’s legal team after at least major 5 law firms turned him down. He joins a team of Trump insiders tasked with dealing with the Mueller investigation. And this all comes as the hot spotlight falls on Michael Cohen, and Trump’s legal team is already a mess:

What a drag.

John Dowd, a white-collar crime specialist and Trump’s personal lawyer for less than a year, up and quit. He’s an odd duck anyway with a Wiki page full of un-American weirdness: Black Lives Matter is infiltrated with terrorists, Robert E. Lee is just like George Washington, and it seems like he’s still not quite over the Civil War. Before he decamped, Dowd brought in Ty Cobb, who thought the Russia probe would be history by Thanksgiving 2017 (Nope). Dowd didn’t get along with Joseph DeGenova, who’s apparently deep into the conspiracy theory that the FBI and DOJ are in cahoots to frame Trump … but he pulled out anyway. So Rudy to the Rescue; Trump’s fellow Central Park Five truther, who fueds with Beyoncé, harbors the opinion that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are “founder and “co-founder” of ISIS (‘cuz Trump says) and just generally is just a nutter. Is the guy actually going to have any serious legal duties? Or is he there mostly to be Donald Trump’s frontman on Fox? Dunno. David A. Graham at The Atlantic makes the point that the other two lawyers hired for Trump the same time are the real story; Marty & Jane Raskin, husband-and-wife, experienced white-collar criminal defense attorneys. Mm hm. I don’t have video of them. But this circa 2000 vid, of Rudy & Don raised quite a few eyebrows. So you know, this isn’t about disparaging men who dress in clothes not corresponding to cisgender; I know several and all have better sartorial judgement (well, better judgement entirely) and wouldn’t be caught dead making kissy-face with the Donald (ew). It is about the fact that it’s Friday, my federal government is bananas, and I just need to laugh at these #MAGAschmaga dimwits. Kittens ’n cats, this is the President and his new lawyer:


Trump Giuliani photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images



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