Cory Booker & Bernie Sanders – Together Again (this time for weed)

This is how the 2020 presidential race is moving leftward. By inches, sometimes by leaps, and sometimes by presidential candidates eager to claim the title progressive for their own. And at least for now, away from the incrementalism of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 approach. Believe it, some of this – a lot – is going to be for optics, candidates who’ve spent years cozying up to big corporate money and big corporate promises, itchy to see the kind of loyalty Bernie Sanders got, from especially his younger voters. But right now, as long as we see some important legislation cranking in Congress, do we care? Republicans on the Hill and in the White House will get in the way, anyway. And we’re all down the rabbit hole until, hopefully, November’s election. Send wine.

These are long-term constructs being discussed; change the health care system (again) and end end the war on drugs. Whoa, that last one, which states have been moving to for years, would nonetheless be a sea change nationally. Bye-bye to Nancy Reagan’s Just say No approach, well-meaning (ish) but fundamentally ignorant of the facts of marijuana, and impossibly judgmental.

Two of the people dancing this dance are on everybody’s short list for the 2020 contest. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders, warily eyeing each other. Fine and dandy, if we get something out of it. In September, Booker signed on to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All  bill (explainer here) and now on marijuana, along with other short-listers Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris … basically one-third of the Senate Dems. So now, today, Sanders returns the favor, signing on to Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act -that’s (S1689, Gillibrand is also a co-sponsor)– which would federally legalize weed. In a live-stream today, they got together to present it:

Skip ahead to the 1-minute mark. And the volume control is bottom left of the video.

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