4/20 News Roundup for Friday, April 20, 2018

The fleece.

Ex-Governor we can’t get rid of

Chris Christie sticks taxpayers with huge bill for official portrait: How much? $85,000. More than the portraits of the last 3 NJ govs combined



2016 LA Times piece makes clear why bombing Syria should be considered more carefully than Trump probably did: In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

The jokes write themselves. Rudy Giuliani joins Donald Trump’s personal legal team. Trump has had a hard time finding lawyers willing to represent him. Scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

Politicians from states that mooch off NJ launch new push for Trump to kill Gateway tunnel (Bravo to the Ledger for nailing it in the headline)

Cory Booker & Bernie SandersTogether Again (this time for weed)

Rev. Steve Brigham walks through the homeless community in the woods off Route 9 in Howell. (Photo: Doug Hood)

Around New Jersey

Howell homeless camp property for put up for sale by town; occupants must move

This will break your heart. Eviction brings ‘worst day’ of Paterson mother’s life

Gun advocate blasts Brick police request to turn in unwanted firearms suggesting those guns will end up in police officers’ private collections

Interactive map: Where New Jerseyans are hungriest. Legislation in Congress could strip thousands of NJ’s most vulnerable of SNAP food-assistance

FERC reviews its policies for approving natural-gas pipelines. Critics say the federal agency rubber-stamps projects, without evaluating whether a pipeline is needed and gauging its environmental impact


Chris Christie’s welfare program for his special friends. New Jersey taxpayers’ tab for the takeover of Atlantic City has reached about $5 million in fees from the law firm former run Christie picked to run the city, run by pal Jeff Chiesa. Gov. Murphy is going to yank that back, reverting the work to the state DCA within 30 days. And yes, says LG Oliver, the price tag was a factor

LD-22: Plainfield mayor Adrian Mapp is frontrunner for the late Jerry Green’s Assembly seat

Jersey GOP looks to recover from post-Christie hangover

A man confronted Phil Murphy on taxes. Here’s how he responded

Charles Stile: Is Phil Murphy the anti-Christie? Not really. Here’s how he’s playing the same game

Insider NJ has a nice piece on the backstory of the NJ Supreme Court decision that it’s unconstitutional for taxpayer money to be used to repair or restore churches. It arose when Hank Lyon, a Morris Republican self-described fiscal conservative who was the state’s youngest freeholder when he took office at 24, tried to stop millions in county grants on the basis they’re unconstitutional. NJ Supremes agreed, unanimously

Coming up in South & North Jersey: Public hearings on marijuana legalization

Marijuana legalization: Monmouth Poll shows support for legal weed at an all-time high (as it were)

Where’s your Governor? Point Pleasant Beach for a 10:30am signing of a bill to ban offshore drilling in NJ waters




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