TONIGHT: Students: Know Your Rights! ACLU offering free training Thursday

Bumped. Students across the US and in NJ are running point on the gun debate, and some of that involves direct action protest during school hours. What are your rights as you make your voices heard? Tonight is a free training, run by the national ACLU and available wherever you are, free. It’s for students, and their families and allies. – Rosi

Last night we updated the story of student protest at Cherry Hill High School East, where hundreds of students defied a threat from their administration, of suspension, and the loss of prom and senior trip, for students who engage in “disruption.” This is happening in schools across the country, even as colleges and universities make clear college-bound students organizing in the face of their own annihilation won’t be risking their college careers. Well, after “disruption” went on for two straight days of sit-in and walkout in Cherry Hill, the school principal formally rescinded his threat.

Maybe the school looked into the rights of students in protest, maybe they just had a change of heart given how many of the kids took part. During Tuesday’s walkout, a student shouted, “They can’t suspend this many of us.”

Can they? Well, that depends. With teenagers now taking the lead across the country in the gun control debate, ACLU is offering a free training session for students and their allies. Here are the details.

Students: Know Your Rights!

When: Thursday, March 1 – 8pm
Register here
Host is national ACLU. You don’t need to be a member, training is free. If I find out more before Thursday night, I’ll update. Meanwhile, students might start with this from ACLU.

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