Q: What is Newark? A: Question on Jeopardy & locale for March for Our Lives 03.24.2018

On Jeopardy last night …

“In 2017 this N.J. city regained control over its schools and 55,000 students, taken over by the state in 1995.”

This is only one of the reasons it was a fist-pumping, right-thinking decision to hold New Jersey’s main March for Our Lives in New Jersey’s largest city, a city of emerging student leaders. Shout-out to Newark Students Union, who put their bodies on the line to bring control of their public schools home to Newark where it belongs, and to the parents and community that backed them every step of the way, including New Jersey Communities United. And to Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson, who flagged the Jeopardy question for all of us, and had a huge role in restoring local control (and to Matt Brewster, who got the photo). And when it comes to guns, and the ability of students to be safe in their schools and in their neighborhoods where they walk, visit friends, work and shop, a lot of our city’s families have been calling out for help for many years, as their kids fell victim not 17 at a time, but in ones and twos where the national media doesn’t take notice.

To the students leading walkouts tomorrow – one month after Parkland – and leading us at the March for Our Lives in Newark, in satellite marches, and in D.C., you are amazing.

Click for March info – 03.24.2018 in Newark

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