News Roundup & Open Thread – Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Happy snow day! Where’s the snow?

Wait, seriously. What the hell? When’s the snow coming?

It’s coming alright, and you should stay put today if you can.

Newark Liberty International gets it.

The busiest airport in the world also has the highest number of cancellations for incoming and outgoing flights with 540, according to the airport’s Twitter account.

Feds to NJ/NY: Pay more for our federal infrastructure project

New York and New Jersey must shoulder more of the costs to build a transportation tunnel under the Hudson River, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said on Tuesday while confirming that the Trump administration was opposed to Congress financing the project.

“There’s smart taxes and there’s not smart taxes.” — Senate President Steve Sweeney

On defending his plan to impose a three percent tax surcharge on businesses with more than $1 million in net income.

New Jersey next? Trump administration sues California over immigration laws

The Trump administration escalated what had been a war of words over California’s immigration agenda, filing a lawsuit late Tuesday that amounted to a pre-emptive strike against the liberal state’s so-called sanctuary laws.

Doctors to legislators: Simmer down on medical billing

Legislation designed to increase the transparency of medical billing and slow the rising cost of care hits a snag amid concerns that it would reduce access to treatment and actually end up harming patient care.

How Did Cannabis Legalization Stall in New Jersey?

When Phil Murphy became New Jersey’s governor earlier this year, it marked a dramatic shift from his predecessor. But things have stalled. What happened? New Jersey’s own Jay Lassiter explains.

The Nuclear family? Doesn’t exist here. 

Only 22 percent of households in the Garden State are married couples with children under 18 years old.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    The fact that nuclear families with kids under 18 are now such an increasing minority is fascinating. And surprising in this state of bedroom communities and sprawl. It’s going to have an impact on school expenditures for sure. If not now, someday soon.


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