News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, March 19, 2018

Around New Jersey

Black babies are 40% more likely to die prematurely than white babies: Annual county health rankings highlight racial disparities – and, deny it as some might, health and wealth are connected

Sen. Sweeney: What were you thinking? Bill Orr gives some thought to the Senate Prez’ decision to drop his 7-year support for millionaire’s tax and instead call for an increase in the corporate tax

TONIGHT 5:30pm: Forum on Modern-Day Redlining in Camden County. Blue Jersey’s Stephen Danley, a professor at Rutgers Camden whose work includes a study of his city, is among the speakers

This seems so Monday, but sometimes I need to remember Trump too will end, because this guy did:

Midterms / Democratic Party

Washingtonia / International

Menendez to business leaders: Listen to the kids, pull your money out of guns

We the United States fall further down the list, as Finland tops the world in happiness. How did Finland score so high? “The most important building blocks for a happy society are democracy, equality, good education and high quality child care, as well as taking care of each other.”

Lies are involved, Republicans are ‘concerned’: The company working for Trump’s campaign that misused data from 50 million Facebook accounts. If you ever took a quiz on Facebook, maybe worry now.




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