News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, March 12, 2018



Where’s Phil Murphy today? On New Jersey 101.5 – at 1pm taking your questions


When white teachers expect less academic success than black teachers expect from the same black studentsOn PBS, writer Morgan Jenkins, Princeton grad who’s from South Jersey, talks about how to deal with that (hat-tip India Karavackas at South Jersey Progressive Women for Change)


Quality snark: Military Refuses to Participate in Trump’s Parade, Citing Bone Spurs (Borowitz)

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  1. Archie Medes

    Is it the last shoe? Weber could drop out, and mice and birdies are whispering someone else may come in. Filing deadline is still three weeks away.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Archie – With respect to whatever rumor you’re whispering – and CD7 is buzzing with rumors right now – what I was referring to is Democratic Party shoes specifically. And it’s unlikely if there are any more party-driven surprises in this race they will come for candidates not already in this race – Malinowski, Weber, Jois, Pringle or Jacob. And indeed there may soon be news about someone/s in that list.

      All 6 county parties have now endorsed. It is possible one or more of those already-given endorsements may shift. But honestly, unless you’re telling me somebody named Barack or Joe or Bernie is moving to CD7, the structural party is unlikely to endorse anybody who files right before deadline. After all, Dave Pringle was the last in – months ago – and I’d argue he’s not getting much traction, despite being already known to many in the district.

      The voters have their say June 5th. Given how some candidates have advanced and some receded as the primary grinds on, I wish the party hadn’t tried to force a primary decision so early. Wrong thing to do IMO.

      CD7: The last Democratic Party shoe to fall – Tom Malinowski wins the Union County line (Blue Jersey, 3/11/18)


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