If you’re going to the Hillary Clinton event Thursday

Some last minute info about tomorrow’s Hillary Clinton speech is below. I’m told ticket-holders will receive an email later today with some last-minute info to know for Thursday. It would be a good idea now to look up whether you selected the mobile delivery or the print-at-home option for your tickets and be ready to show that at the door. Event is ‘sold-out’ but there is a wait list – see wait list info below. And Hillary’s speech will be live-streamed; the link is below. Remember Secy Clinton still has Secret Service protection and security will be tight. Please read Security Requirements below, and remember non-compliance only slows down admittance at the door. And while you’re at it, ask yourself why “un-approved pamphlets/handouts/advertisements” are deemed “dangerous and/or inappropriate” because honestly I have zero idea.

A Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton at Rutgers University

Basic Info
Hosts: Eagleton Institute of Politics. Director Ruth B. Mandel will conduct the conversation with Clinton
When:  Thursday, March 29 – Event is 4:30-6 pm. Doors open 3pm
Where: Louis Brown Athletic Center (The RAC). 83 Rockafeller Rd. Piscataway
What’s Thursday’s weather? High of 59 degrees, but rain early in the day (note: you may be standing outside to get in)

About the Clifford P. Case Professorship of Public Affairs, Rutgers: Named for the Republican former U.S. senator from NJ 1955-1979
Payment to Clinton: $25,000 from endowment fund, using no money from tuition or state aid, according to Rutgers

If you have tickets: General admission seating. Free event. Your tickets should have been sent by tickets@scarletknights.com
Can I print my “Mobile Delivery” ticket? Mobile delivery tickets should be scanned directly from your mobile device.
Do I have to print my “Print-At-Home” ticket? Yes, if you selected the print-at-home option, you must print your tickets.
Ticket problems? Unanswered questions? Email events@eagleton.rutgers.edu (they’ll respond soon as they can)
If you don’t have tickets: Cancellations are coming in. Sign up at the waitlist
Can you buy tix? People are offering them for sale here. Your choice, but they were free and it’s nicer to turn them in as requested for the waitlist
Hillary’s speech will be live-streamed. At Eagleton – here’s the link.

ADA seating: Ticket-holders will be emailed additional info today. Handicapped seating will be available.
Handicapped parking: Free. Green lot
Parking: Free. In the Yellow and Green lots at The RAC. Parking map Public transportation & carpooling recommended!  Directions & public transit
Eagleton is using this Twitter hashtag: #HillaryRU  [On Twitter? Please follow @bluejersey]

FAQ / Security Requirements
What else is on the Hillary event page? Some political arguments, some folks trying to shut down dissenting opinions. Sigh
Security Requirements (please read): Rutgers Police Department will check bags before guests are allowed to enter the RAC. In order to expedite this process we recommend that guests do not bring bags, if possible. Following items are prohibited: Aerosol cans, animals/pets (except service animals), audio/video equipment and professional photography equipment (including GoPros), balloons and balls, signs or banners larger than 8” ½ by 11”, cans/bottles/glass or other containers with liquid, chains/studded bracelets/etc., strollers, food/drink, illegal drugs, coolers or ice chests, noise-making devices (i.e. whistles, air horns, drums, horns, vuvuzelas), selfie sticks, umbrellas, laser pens and pointers, fireworks, weapons (i.e. knives, pepper spray, tear Gas, handcuffs, stun guns, etc.), poles to display banners/flags/etc., skateboards and/or rollerblades, un-approved pamphlets/handouts/advertisements/etc., and any other items deemed dangerous and/or inappropriate.



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